Egg Milk and Gingerbreadman Cake

During the last week I seem to have been bitten by the baking bug. It's probably a way to avoid thinking about my homework and it's definitely influenced by the sale items at the grocery store. Last Friday we made pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing that were absolutely divine. Then tonight for FHE treat we had gingerbread, with eggnog to drink. Although both kids liked the gingerbread, they didn't like the eggnog. Little Dude was delighted by the snowman on the carton, but they both thought it was 'spicy'.

The Thanksgiving menu is in place and my fridge is about ready to burst. Can't wait to cook that turkey and get it out of my fridge. Mr. Fob and I are also feeling the urge to make tasty appetizers like shrimp cocktail and cheese ball, but realize that this is foolish for a small family gathering. Then I had rememberd that my family tradition is to have a party for trimming the tree, so we'll probably do that on Saturday night. I'm already getting excited about that one. There will definitely be cheese ball and probably some more 'egg milk'. I just hope my tummy doesn't explode this weekend.


Earth Sign Mama said…
Yum, yum, yum...I'll help take up the slack so it won't burst. Or we can just burst together!

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