November is NaBloPoMo, which stands for "National Blog Post Month". The challenge is to write one post a day for the entire month. Despite the fact that this is a very busy month for me, I've been toying with the idea. I always like a good challenge, plus it might be nice to get my writing groove back. They don't have to be very long or meaty posts either.

So tonight I leave you with a very funny moment in toddler linguistics. Little Dude pronounces the word "corn" with a "p" sound at the beginning for some reason. So you can imagine how funny it was when he saw the giant display of clearance candy at Target today and shouted excitedly: "candy corn!"

PS--This month I will be guest posting on Wednesdays over at Segullah.


Kailey said…
jana said…
when my son was little he went through a stage where he started every word with "F" and he didn't do his "R"s so well. So Mr. Rogers was "Fwogers", etc. Um, the only problem being that he really really liked trucks, which he said something like "fwuk."
skylark said…
hahahaha! how very appropriate.
Th. said…


I liked your Segullah post. Working at a high school, I think about such things a LOT.
I had one that pronouned both "fox" and "trucks" in a way that made it impossible to bring any books in public with either foxes or trucks in them.
Th. said…

Oh. I just noticed the last line of this post. I guess my comment wasn't so unrelated after all.

And since I'm back, how about a shameless shill?
Kristeee said…
hehe. That's funny.
rantipoler said…
It seems that NaBloPoMo should have something to do with post-modernism. That just goes to show I have literary theory on the brain. One of my ex-boyfriends replaced "tr" with "f" when he was little. In one of his home videos, he got really excited about getting a fire truck for his birthday, and hilarity ensued.

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