One Month of Blogging

Today is the last month of November, and I managed to write a post nearly every day this month. I'm trying to figure out if forcing myself to blog every day is a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, I did produce a lot of content and got more practice in writing. On the other, I felt like many posts were rushed and created simply to fill a quota. I still have many post ideas rattling around in my head and have yet to sit down to put them on paper. And we'll still have to wait because the end of the quarter is here and I have serious work I need to get done. So I'm going to try and avoid frivolous uses of the computer for the next two weeks in hopes of getting my papers written. We'll see how well this works out.


Blogging is frivolous, but I definitely agree with you about the practice writing. It has been very good for me. Good luck with finals.
Samantha said…
I think it was good and I hope you keep doing it. :)
Em said…
Good luck with ending up the quarter. I'm ending up the semester...I definitely want to do ANYTHING I possibly can instead.

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